A Company History

in May 2000...
...the story began!

Lars Plessmann, a certified computer scientist, born 1980, founded 2 ways® - media & design with full of private and commercial interest.

As a freelancer I support European customers in the planning, realization and implementation of individual software solutions such as big database applications and complex management systems. I specialize in commercial business process optimization.
Technically, most of the work of 2 ways is based on license-free but nevertheless sophisticated software (e.g. Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP - a classical LAMP stack).

For all my customers I can offer an ultimately customized software development service, such as creation of custom software, product requirements and specifications, assistance in the planning and definition phase for new projects as well as other data information technical consultancy etc.
My services are offered on-site but also remotely, depending on the customer’s needs.

To make sure my customers receive high quality service and ideal solutions for their needs, it is important for me to always keep learning and staying informed. This way I know I do not miss the latest useful technology and keep all my services up to date. When inspecting a new technology, I’m always evaluating it based on two main criteria: it has to be reasonable from the economical point of view and it can be realized quickly in order to reach the desired aim as soon as possible.